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Our Heart

The heart of The Good Cup is for people and coffee, in that order.

We work to give you all the comforts of home, but with creatively crafted, high-quality coffee, and a warm atmosphere that ensures you’ll feel at ease from the first visit.

In short, we are your living room’s top competitors. Disclosure: we have freshly baked pastries and a team of smiling baristas on our side.

Because we believe in our community, we feature locally made pastries, art, and goods from various philanthropic organizations in our shop. We aim to be the kind of business where our customers discover the products and talent of their community reflected back to them.

Our Story

My husband Mike and I (Amanda Taylor) felt at home from our first visit.  We ordered a drink and mused about owning a coffee shop that was one-of-a-kind, just like The Good Cup.  We knew we wanted a gathering place where we could embrace the community around us and have a place our kids could grow up in.  I quit my career to pursue the coffee industry from the ground up.  Anne Sale, the Founder of The Good Cup, brought me onto the team as a barista in 2007, and on January 1, 2009 she passed the torch onto my husband and I to continue The Good Cup.  We are thankful and grateful for the opportunity to serve our community and friends as we continue the mission of keeping our city awake!

Our History

Our space is rooted in family. In the 1960’s Mr. Garrett constructed our building. He would eventually see several of his family members open shops next to, across, and down the street from his own. Over the past decade, the building has given way to a series of mom and pop shops that thrive in the Grassland Community, The Good Cup included.

Anne Sale, a local entrepreneur with a New Orleans influence, opened the Good Cup in 2003. It all started as a coffee stand in the corner of a candle shop. But, Anne tended to The Good Cup until it expanded to fill the entire space. Details like the shop’s current counter, its pattern pounded out by hand with quarters, attest to the fact that the shop has always been a homegrown effort. Sale shaped the shop into what it is now: a haven for all things coffee, community, and creativity.